Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks for Understanding

I have many things to photograph and post on this thread may take some time in between postings. Do come and visit again. Thanks!
"Gargoyle of Notre Dame"

"Gargoyle fo Notre Dame", is a block print. I carved my design into a peice of wood, inked it up and pressed it onto different fine papers. This print is hand pressed on fine Japanese cream paper with cork peices in it. The image is based off of one of the Gargoyles from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.
To see photos of many of the Gargoyles go to this site called Kent's Gargoyle Page

"Homage to A. Duerer"
(This is not a very good photo of this print. I will try to get another one to replace it.) This is an acid etched print that is printed on heavy Japanese paper from a printing press. The entire image with all the lines and dark spots were created by a needles being scratched into a coating on the metal plate. After each set of marks had been made the plate was placed in an acid bath. It was then cleaned, recoated and scratched back into many times over until there was enough contrast and depth with in the print. This took a few months to finish the entire process needless to say. The image, as stated in the title, is paying homage to Albrecht Durrer.
"Awaiting Prey"
Oil painted on canvas (sorry for the glare - this was not photoed in the best of light)

"Hauntingly Romantic"
1998 - Oil on canvas board. Painted with black medium (my first and so far only attempt with with it)

"Vivian's stream"
(Oil on canvas, painted in 1991) My Grandmother asked me to paint her a painting with all pastel colors, water, trees and so on. This is what came of her request and she loved it. It hung in her room for many years before her passing.

"Mountain Lake"
This is the very first oil painting I made (done on canvas) I was around 13 to 15 years old when I painted this.

Painted in 98 - oil on canvas. This painting is based on an acid etching that preceded it. Both where inspired from a brilliant artist, Albrecht Durer (1471 -1528). The title : "prosequi " is Latin
, from pro- forward + sequi to follow -and basically means to Pursue, or Hunt

"Rabbit Delight"

Oil on Canvas, painted in 98. This was based off of a wood block print that preceded it. Both are based off of one of the Notre Dame Gargoyles.

This is oil on canvas and was painted in 98

This was done late 90's. Its oil on canvas
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